Guess where from the soft nature of a pashmina scarf comes? Or, what makes those pashminas so comfortable and versatile clothing?  

Here’s a story for you. Far East in the Himalayan region of north India, there resides a special species of goat named Chyangra. Pashmina, deriving its name from ‘pashm’, is practically silken hair growing in the underbelly of these Kashmiri goats. This pashm gives one of the finest wool in the world for making cashmere pashmina – which can pass through your wedding ring!

You must also note that no animals are harmed in this entire process of deriving pashm. During the spring season, these animals shed their fur or winter coat and this is when, men and women in those regions collect the hair. Post that, they handcraft the entire process and weave the pashm into finer threads. These then make way to exquisite products such as shawls, stoles or scarves.


Pashmina Scarf Evolution over ages

With the passage of time, the pashminas have progressed from being a simple shawl to one accessory that’s creating a fashion statement. Fashionistas from around the globe are extensively experimenting with these scarves and each day a new style statement is born.

Previously, pashminas was used for covering oneself and show off one’s high socio economic background. However, today, the pashmina scarf has become the ultimate accessory to own for making a style statement.

The essence of the Pashmina

Pashminas come in various shades such as mocha, blue, red, brown, pink and many more. These scarves are wider and longer and can be used in variety of innovative ways. Besides accessorizing your attires, you can also use these products for – decorating a venue, wrapping a gift, sending as a gift, etc. A pashmina can do it all!

Being soft and silky, these versatile products are therefore a trend amongst most women. This is what makes them one of the most dominating accessories of the fashion industries.

The Fashionista’s guide to a Pashmina Scarf

  1. They’re for the teens:

Teenagers like following trends and owing to the popularity of the pashminas, these scarves or wraps are quite popular with the teens of today. As they prefer experimenting, these pashminas can be an excellent style accessory for teenagers.

  1. They’re for the women:

Needless to say, a  pashmina is the favorite companions of women and their pride too. No matter it’s a corporate wear or a traditional dress, women can carry pashminas with every attire, that too in different styles.

What’s best is that most reputed online sellers deal in a range of colours; so getting the exact pick becomes much easier.

  1. They’re for the men:

Yes, men can also use pashminas, maybe while enjoying a winter football match or going for a ski ride! In general, most of them prefer to keep it simple. So, a pashmina shawl in single layers and bold colors can do wonder.

Therefore, the sophisticated, comfy and classy nature makes pashminas ideal accessories for everyone, in every occasion. Hence, wait no more and grab your pick from your favorite online store now.