Guess where from the soft nature of a pashmina scarf comes? Or, what makes those pashminas so comfortable and versatile clothing?  

Here’s a story for you. Far East in the Himalayan region of north India, there resides a special species of goat named Chyangra. Pashmina, deriving its name from ‘pashm’, is practically silken hair growing in the underbelly of these Kashmiri goats. This pashm gives one of the finest wool in the world for making cashmere pashmina – which can pass through your wedding ring!

You must also note that no animals are harmed in this entire process of deriving pashm. During the spring season, these animals shed their fur or winter coat and this is when, men and women in those regions collect the hair. Post that, they handcraft the entire process and weave the pashm into finer threads. These then make way to exquisite products such as shawls, stoles or scarves.


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