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The Pavement is a creative studio working across the disciplines of Design, Animation, Interactive and Moving Image, creating and delivering the highest quality content to any digital platform.

We’ve built our ten-year success story on hard work, brilliant people and a fiercely independent spirit. This means we can offer genuine creativity across all projects, applying a bespoke approach that makes the most of every digital and interactive possibility.

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What happened in 2011

2011 at The Pavement Studios was an interesting one, primarily because of the uplift in Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D. Since The Pavement was founded in […]

February 7th, 2012

Goldcrest Post Number 1 for audio in Televisual’s Top 50

Goldcrest Post was ranked an impressive number 1 in the Audio-only sub category in Televisual Magazine’s much-anticipated Top 50 Facilities Survey– a significant recognition for […]

October 24th, 2011

10 Years of Big Talk

The Pavement are so proud to have worked with Big Talk for over ten years since we first laid our hands on Spaced – Simon […]

June 24th, 2011

U2360: Awarded Best British Authored Disc 2011

We are incredibly honoured and excited to announce that The Pavement won the award for Best British Authored Disc at the BVA Awards 2011 on […]

May 9th, 2011
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Audio Mastering in a Digital Recording Studio

Audio mastering is the way toward adjusting, balancing and upgrading a crude recording to make it a serious melodic work. The procedure additionally incorporates pressure and the utilization of multi-elements to permit higher vitality levels into a piece.

What Is A Digital Studio?

Computerized studios are recording studios that utilization tape-less PC put together frameworks and store media with respect to hard discs. They give MIDI recording, playback and altering facilities. They have the gear and ability to change over simple signs to advanced signs and the other way around. This hardware is exceptionally particular and is dealt with by experts.
A high RAM, top of the line sound cards, rapid processors and a huge hard drive are key highlights of the PC based frameworks of an advanced recording studio. These studios may likewise have a coordinated blending console and control surface. These highlights empower synchronous multi tracks taking care of. The most significant distinctive component of advanced studios is the “fix” highlight which old simple frameworks needed.

Advanced Audio Mastering

Disc mastering is frequently mistaken for recording and blending. As a matter of fact it is the procedure of altering and upgrading that follows these underlying stages. When you are finished with the recording and altering of a piece, the last item is known as the first ace. In advanced mastering the completed item is then put away on a computerized audio tape with time reference markers in audio position.
On the off chance that you are new into the matter of music, the primary thing you need to learn is that the accomplishment of your item isn’t just reliant upon the nature of recording yet progressively subordinate upon how imaginatively it has been aced.

Here Are A Few Things You Must Check Before You Accept A Product From A Digital Audio Mastering Studio.

* The vocal and the instruments ought to be even. Neither ought to be compacted more than required. An excessive amount of pressure makes the recording sound unnatural. The parity ought to be with the end goal that the vocals ride directly over the instruments. Making the vocals too conspicuous will give the audience the experience of unrecorded music.
* The frequencies of various instruments ought not be stifled and the EQ level ought to be even so that the “blend” sounds genuine.
* Good audio mastering ought to guarantee that a lot of reverb isn’t applied to the instruments or sounds except if you need them to show up back on the sound field.
* Make sure that the commotion from different open sources have been separately taken out from the “blend”, in any case the aggregate clamor will twist the waveform.
* The stage connection between the two channels of recording ought to be all around oversaw. In the event that that is not done, it might bring about the frequencies of the left and right speakers of your framework offsetting one another. This may make the recording sound shallow and slender. It might likewise cause breaking at the edges of the waveform in the event of FM transmission.
* Finally, the blend ought not have any computerized contortion. It can make the item bothering to the audience’s ear.
Great audio mastering is basic to the achievement of any melodic work. It is a craftsmanship that requires touchy ears and a lot of expertise.